Why Should You Hire A Traffic Lawyer?


Traffic violations can result in more than a fine. Depending on the charge, a conviction can follow you for years, resulting in higher insurance payments, suspension of driving privileges, loss of employment opportunities, and even jail time. You may be able to represent yourself adequately in court, but you'll have a much better chance of having your charges reduced or dismissed with an experienced traffic lawyer.

Charges that may require a traffic lawyer


Because a speeder is generally issued a speeding ticket as a result of the use of a radar gun by a law enforcement officer, it is difficult to deny that the violation occurred. If the driver is not a repeat offender, they are likely to have their fine reduced and points on their driving record rescinded simply for showing up at traffic court. 

For drivers with multiple offenses or charged with excessive speeding, the skills and experience of a traffic lawyer are needed. They are familiar with the local courts, judges, and prosecutors, and can negotiate to have fines reduced and violations kept from appearing on the driver's record.

A skilled lawyer can use multiple tactics to persuade the court to negotiate, including offering to spare the court the cost of a jury trial or insisting that tests be performed on the radar gun or speed camera used to be certain that they are functioning normally and are properly calibrated.

Settling for a fine and a probationary period for the driver, minus any conviction on their driving record, allows both the court and the driver to gain from the negotiations.


Because the blood alcohol level for a DUI (driving under the influence) is very low, it is easy for drivers to deceive themselves into believing that they can drive home from a party or restaurant after light drinking without being considered legally impaired.

A DUI conviction can cause a driver to lose their current job or future employment opportunities in some cases, and can stain their record or reputation for years after the event. 

If an accident occurs while a driver is legally impaired, and injuries are sustained by passengers in the vehicle or in another vehicle in a multi-vehicle accident, a personal injury lawsuit and criminal charges are likely. 

While the driver's insurance will pay for damages or injuries up to the policy limits, any additional costs or compensation from lawsuits are the responsibility of the driver. In addition, a DUI conviction may cause the driver to lose their insurance coverage or pay exorbitant rates to retain it.

A personal injury attorney will be best to represent the driver in the personal injury lawsuit aspect of the accident, while a criminal defense attorney should be retained for the DUI charges, which can result in imprisonment.

If the driver has no previous DUI convictions, the attorney can plead for probation and counseling, rather than jail time. However, if the driver has had multiple incidents, they may be required to serve some jail time, but even that can be negotiated into serving the sentence on weekends to allow the offending driver to keep their job.

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19 November 2015

Working With Your Attorney

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