The Role Of Expert Witnesses In Personal Injury Cases


If a car accident has forced you to take legal action against the driver that hit you, you might be headed to trial. Witnesses play a big role in most accident cases, particularly when fault for the accident is in dispute. There are several categories of witnesses when it comes to an accident case, but expert witnesses use their expertise to testify on your behalf in an effort to prove your damage claims. Read on to learn more about the role these experts play in your case.

The Part Expert Witnesses Play

If you are like most, you've probably seen movie or television dramas where an expert witness appears in the nick of time to make or break the case by divulging a key fact. In addition to testifying in court, expert witnesses also consult with lawyers to help them plan their cases and to determine the compensation owed to their clients. The jury relies on this testimony when it comes to deciding on several facets of a case once the trial is underway. For example, an expert witness in a typical personal injury auto accident case might testify about the following.

1. How the accident occurred based on photos of the accident scene, skid marks, damage to the vehicles, and more. This helps juries decide on who was at fault and if so, the percentage of fault to assign to each party.

2. How much money the victim is entitled to receive for lost career opportunities based on common earnings of someone in a similar field. For example, if the victim makes a living as a professional pianist, a vocational expert can help the jury determine how much the victim is entitled to receive if the victim's hands are permanently damaged.

3. What to expect in terms of future medical treatments based on the victim's present state of health and what still needs to be done. For example, if future surgeries are needed to correct a problem caused by the wreck, the medical expert can attest to what is needed and how much it might cost.

Common Expert Witnesses in Their Field of Expertise

The following experts could be called upon to testify in an auto accident case:

  • Accident reconstruction experts advise on how road conditions, the weather, the speed of the vehicles, and more affected the wreck.
  • Bio-mechanical experts understand the ways that a sudden impact affects the human body.
  • Medical experts give opinions as to how injuries affect the body, the long-term effects of the injury, and future needs.
  • Mental health experts testify about the emotional and mental damage suffered due to a wreck and injuries.
  • Vocational experts testify about the impact of the wreck on employment.

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22 May 2019

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