How To Defend Against DUI Charges By Targeting The BAC Tests


One of the strategies you can use to defend yourself against DUI accusations is to attack the tests used to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC). Police officers commonly administer blood, breath, urine, and saliva tests to determine BAC. Here are some of the tips to use to discredit the validity of these tests: Your BAC Was Below the Limit at the Time of Your Arrest Prove that the alcohol was still being absorbed at the time of the testing, and your BAC was below the legal limit.

15 December 2015

Caught In The Crossfire: Defending Against Accessory Charges


It's bad enough to hear that a friend is in trouble, but it's even worse to have the police tell you that the trouble was due to your friend doing something illegal -- and now they want to question you because you let your friend stay in your home or gave your friend a ride somewhere. If you have found yourself accused of being an accessory to a crime, you could face a difficult road ahead.

23 November 2015

Why Should You Hire A Traffic Lawyer?


Traffic violations can result in more than a fine. Depending on the charge, a conviction can follow you for years, resulting in higher insurance payments, suspension of driving privileges, loss of employment opportunities, and even jail time. You may be able to represent yourself adequately in court, but you'll have a much better chance of having your charges reduced or dismissed with an experienced traffic lawyer. Charges that may require a traffic lawyer

19 November 2015

What Is Attorney-Client Privilege?


If you're facing potential conviction for a crime, one of your greatest assets is your professional relationship with your criminal defense attorney. The American justice system is designed to protect that professional relationship by extending to you the right of attorney-client privilege. The more you understand about this privilege, the more productive and fruitful your conversations with your attorney will be. What is attorney-client privilege? Attorney-client privilege is one of the fundamental concepts in the United States justice system.

17 November 2015

4 Ways To Get Back On Track After A DUI


In the aftermath of a DUI, you are likely feeling a mix of complicated emotions, including fear and remorse. While driving under the influence is certainly a serious matter, the important thing is to remain clear-headed and take control of the situation. This should be something you learn from, but it shouldn't be something that ruins your entire life. Here are four ways to get back on track after a DUI:

17 November 2015

Thinking Of Joining A Gifting Circle For The Holidays? Think Again: It Could Be Illegal.


Are you thinking about joining an investment club or gifting circle because some of your friends are on board? Pause before you sign up and start telling others -- otherwise you could end up arrested for investment fraud. These schemes get revived all the time. One version of the scheme involving "gifting circles" is making the rounds on social media for the holiday season. People are promised 36 or more gifts, all worth $10 or more, in return for their investment of one $10 gift sent to a "

11 November 2015

Three Keys For Dealing With An Underage DUI Charge


Studies show that one teenager out of six engages in binge drinking. The same study indicates that nearly 5,000 deaths annually are attributed to teenage drinking. If you are the parent of a teenager who has made the mistake of underage and irresponsible drinking, and worse, getting a DUI charge from driving afterward, you'll need to know what they will face. Hiring a juvenile lawyer and navigating the legal system will let your teen learn a lesson while keeping legal ramifications to a minimum.

10 November 2015

Writing A Letter Of Reference For Someone? Here Are Three Things To Know


When someone you know well has been convicted of a crime, you may be asked to write a character reference letter. This kind of letter is typically sent to the judge handling sentencing and its intended purpose is to convince the judge to be lenient and hand down a lighter sentence. If you plan to submit a letter of reference to the court for a friend, here are a couple of things you must know.

7 November 2015

3 Mistaks To Avoid If You Are Arrested


If you are approached by the police to be arrested, you might panic. Many people make terrible mistakes in these situations because they are worried about how they appear to the police. In the process of being arrested you could make some mistakes that could actually cost you the trial. Here are some mistakes that you should never make if you are arrested. 1. Hiring A Lawyer Only After You Have Been Charged Or Indicted

3 November 2015