The Process Of A DUI Case


Were you recently arrested for drinking and driving and are now facing DUI charges? If so, you should act quickly by hiring a DUI lawyer to represent you in the case, as you will need to try to get this settled right away. If you have never faced criminal charges before, here are several different things you should expect during the process of settling a DUI charge. You will need to get bailed out of jail

28 August 2019

The Role Of Expert Witnesses In Personal Injury Cases


If a car accident has forced you to take legal action against the driver that hit you, you might be headed to trial. Witnesses play a big role in most accident cases, particularly when fault for the accident is in dispute. There are several categories of witnesses when it comes to an accident case, but expert witnesses use their expertise to testify on your behalf in an effort to prove your damage claims.

22 May 2019

Don't Get Snagged by These Sneaky Criminal Law Issues


When dealing with the American system of criminal law, people want to think that they can simply rely on the notion that the truth will be their shield. Anyone who has ever worked at a criminal law services firm, though, will tell you that the system is littered with shortcomings. Understanding some of the sneakier parts of the system will give you a fair chance. It's Not a Game If you have ever watched the depiction of criminal law on TV or in movies, you can get the impression that police and prosecutors are playing by the rules of a tightly refereed game.

3 January 2019