Should You Hire A Private DUI Attorney?


For many people who are facing off against DUI charges, a public defender steps in to provide criminal defense. If you have the means to pay for a private DUI attorney, you might wonder if you should hire one. There are actually pros and cons you should consider before you hire an attorney or choose to go with the public defender.

This is what you need to know about the benefits of a private DUI attorney versus using a public defender.

Public Defenders and DUI Attorneys Are Both Experienced

One thing you should know is that both public defenders and DUI attorneys have experience in this area. Like private attorneys, public defenders are familiar with a variety of cases. The difference is that a private attorney may exclusively handle DUI cases, which means they may focus more on this area than in other areas. They may provide a more specialized defense for your case.

Public Defenders May Lean Toward Plea Deals

A public defender may encourage you to take a plea deal so that you can avoid the steepest punishment, whereas a DUI attorney may be more likely to move through the court process to ensure that you do not serve any time at all. This could be because the public defender has many cases on their plate at one time.

Private DUI Attorneys May Have More Time for You

One thing to remember is that private DUI attorneys tend to have more time for your case because they do not have as many cases on their hands as public defenders. They may be able to work with you one-on-one and meet more often (and sometimes for longer periods of time). This helps you walk through each area of your case so that you can develop the best possible defense.

Private attorneys may also be more likely to help you by hiring expert witnesses and providing private lab tests. This could improve your chances of winning your case.

Private DUI Attorneys Make You Feel Comfortable

You can also hire a private DUI attorney who will help you feel comfortable, which is an advantage over working with a public defender who is assigned to you. This can help you process your case more comfortably.

Call a DUI Attorney Today

If you are facing DUI charges, you may still wonder if you should hire an attorney or opt for a public defender. Call a DUI attorney to discuss your options.


27 October 2020

Working With Your Attorney

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