Is There a Warrant for Your Arrest?


It might be difficult to believe but some people are walking around without realizing they have an active warrant. Things could get serious in a hurry when that is the case, so read on to find out what is meant by a warrant, how to check on your warrant situation, and how to get legal help when you do have a warrant.

What is a Warrant?

A warrant can be issued by a judge or by the state prosecutor's office. The judge, for example, can issue a bench warrant when someone fails to appear for a scheduled court appointment. Some warrants are automatic, such as for unpaid traffic tickets. No matter the cause, it's important to know about your warrants.

Do You Have an Active Warrant?

It's usually pretty easy to find out whether or not you have a warrant against you by phoning the county clerk's office in your location. Things like warrants are considered public information, and you don't even have to identify yourself to get the information. You can find out what the warrant is for, the date the warrant was issued, and how to resolve the warrant. For example, if you have a warrant for an unpaid speeding ticket, you might be able to have the warrant lifted by paying a certain sum to the court. If you are unable to get the information you need from the clerk, you have alternatives. Some places won't provide information about warrants for certain sensitive types of cases like family law, domestic violence, and more. In that case, contact a criminal defense lawyer for help. They can access any information about warrants for you.

Warrants: What To Do

Any time you have a warrant, you can be arrested, and that includes being stopped for minor traffic infractions. Never just go to the courthouse or police station if you have a warrant. You might end up, in some cases, be immediately taken into custody. Instead, contact a defense attorney and get some advice. Your lawyer can gather information and you may not have to go to jail. If you do end up having to turn yourself in, you can be prepared ahead of time by making arrangements for your job and your family. You can also speak to a bail bonding agency so you can be quickly bailed out.

Once you are behind bars with no legal help, your situation could quickly deteriorate. Having a warrant means taking a proactive approach and getting things straightened out using good legal advice rather than just letting the legal system have its way with you. For more information, contact a criminal law attorney near you to learn more.


21 July 2021

Working With Your Attorney

Few things are more frustrating than being accused of a crime that you didn't commit. I found myself in this difficult situation a few years ago when I was with a friend who broke the law. However, I knew that I didn't do anything, which is why I hired an experienced criminal attorney to help me out. He carefully reviewed my case, talked with me about what court would be like, and helped me to wrap my head around the different punishments I might face. He helped to prove my innocence, and I decided to set up this blog to help other people to understand the importance of working with a professional.