Events That Might Make It Necessary To Amend Your Estate Plan And How An Attorney Can Help


Creating an estate plan is essential in protecting yourself and your valued assets. However, this may only happen if you have a valid document that aligns with your current circumstances. An estate planning attorney can amend your will when necessary to keep it up to date and ensure that it accommodates your needs. Their services may be more essential after the following life events.  

After Marriage

It may be necessary to amend your estate plan after marriage. This will enable you to make the necessary changes, including naming your partner as one of your heirs. This also allows you to indicate the property your spouse will inherit. Moreover, your lawyer will guide you when amending your document to ensure that you give clear directions. Such a step will prevent confusion and court battles in the future. Your attorney may also advise you to consider a joint trust or will instead of having separate estate plans.

 After Dissolving Your Marriage

Marriage dissolution may also necessitate amendments, especially if you and your partner have a joint will. Your legal advisor will help you create another document to account for your separation. They will also check your joint assets to determine what you should allow your partner to keep and what you should include in your will. Their intervention will help prevent disagreements that may result in a court battle. 

After the Birth of a Child

Your children should be one of your inheritors when you lose your life. Therefore, you may want to list them as your beneficiaries in your will immediately after birth. You also need to indicate the portion of the assets you want to leave them and create nominations of guardianship documents. Doing so will give the person you nominate a right to take up the guardianship of your kids in certain circumstances. These include situations when you can't complete your guardianship duties yourself. This may be more so when you suffer from a health condition that affects your mental health or after an unexpected death.

After Suffering a Terminal illness

You may also consider reviewing your will after suffering a terminal illness. This might be more necessary before your condition worsens because you might be unable to make important decisions. Your attorney will help you make the necessary amendments and name a person you trust to make the decisions for you. 

The scenarios above are some instances that should make you consider amending your will. An estate planning lawyer can help you make the necessary modifications. This will ensure that your document aligns with your current situation and meets legal requirements.

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16 September 2022

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